Therapy Services

Physical Therapy

  • Injury Recovery

  • Surgery Recovery

  • Maintain balance/strength

Physical therapy aims to enhance strength, mobility, and functionality for individuals facing medical limitations. After hospital discharge, physical therapists support patients in transitioning back to their primary residence, providing crucial decision-making assistance and care recommendations. They assess living environments, balance, and abilities to create personalized programs that improve mobility, reduce pain, enhance functionality, and prevent disability. At Purple Hearts Home Health Care, our experienced physical therapists work closely with physicians to optimize each patient’s quality of life through tailored rehabilitation programs.

Speech Therapy

  • Communication

  • Swallowing

  • Speech mechanics

Speech Therapy goes beyond enhancing speaking abilities and addresses communication deficits, mechanics of speech, eating and swallowing difficulties. Speech therapists, or speech-language pathologists (SLPs), work with individuals facing challenges in speech, speech, language, cognition, swallowing. Opting for home-based speech therapy offers convenience, fosters rapport with the therapist, and involves the family in real-time discussions about goals and progress. It holds significant value for stroke survivors, helping them relearn communication skills, refine speech mechanics, and develop swallowing techniques. Our SLPs conduct comprehensive assessment and provide appropriate treatment for various cognitive communication challenges tailoring to the clients specific needs.

Occupational Therapy

  • Everyday Activities

  • Functional

  • Empowering

Occupational therapy has the power to transform your life for the better as a vital component of rehabilitation. While it shares certain similarities with physical therapy, occupational therapy focuses on enhancing everyday activities. These activities encompass a wide range of tasks such as dressing, bathing, cooking, cleaning, driving and more. Skilled occupational therapists are dedicated rehabilitation professionals who employ a patient-centered approach to assist individuals in engaging in activities that are essential and desired, fostering a therapeutic environment.

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